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Jim Horany

The Horany Family welcomes you to our web site. We hope you enjoy the information and photos of our family reunions and of course, our historical photos. Indeed, our email list of relatives is growing and growing. If you need to update you address and/or email address to us go to the Orders and Email update page. Our gallery is the latest reunion 2001 pictures and historical ones as well. If you have a piece of news with or without a picture, send it to us. We will scan the photo make up the news and return your photo.

The last Horany Reunion in July 2001 was a giant success, in fun and attendance. An all time record 191 people attended, and all involved had a grand time!! Thanks to all of the relatives who came and we look forward to seeing everyone in two more years.

This web site will also have notices for news and the upcoming photo CD we are planning. We are still in the process of finishing it, and soon everyone will receive notice.

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